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Yucaipa Real Estate

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The city of Yucaipa is located just 10 miles east of San Bernardino, in the San Bernardino County, California. It is a city with 51,367 citizens as per the 2010 US Census, up from the 41,207 at the 2000 census. This 20% increase in population speaks for the recent popularity of Yucaipa – and the Yucaipa real estate marketplace which is constantly on the rise.

According to the San Bernardino County official information, the projected population in Yucaipa in 2012 was 58,187. Today, this number is definitely a history – as there are many new listings for sale in Yucaipa, CA and many new homeowners settling in this lovely city.

Historic & Geographic Information – Yucaipa Real Estate

The history of Yucaipa dates back to the time of the Serrano Indians. During this time, Yucaipa was the home base to this population – but also the base of the today’s Stater Bros. Markets, a brand founded in 1936 with its current headquarters in San Bernardino.

The Yucaipa real estate rise and demand for properties for sale is definitely due to the phenomenon of the ‘big city escape’. This can be best explained simply with people moving from big cities into smaller ones and settling in a quiet lifestyle. Yucaipa is a perfect example for that, since it is still close to the city of Los Angeles – at only 80 miles east. Additionally, Yucaipa is a city that is on a relatively high altitude – lying on approximately 2,600ft above sea level.

Stretching to 27,8 square miles, Yucaipa has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate. Due to the altitude, the temperatures are a bit cooler than near the shore and the Pacific breeze can be felt in the mountains as well.

Households, Real Estate Properties And More – Yucaipa, CA

According to the 2010 Census, 98.9% of the citizens in Yucaipa lived in households. There were 18,231 households at that time – a number that is officially unknown nowadays but definitely greater than in the 2010 Census.

There are a lot of Yucaipa real estate listings for sale that attract homebuyers from every region. The city of Yucaipa is one of the best cities to retire in when in California and enjoy the warm and shiny days in every season. The median household income in Yucaipa was $59,428 in the 2010 US Census, with only 11% of the population living below the poverty line. This is another sign that the Yucaipa real estate and community has experienced a significant and positive level of growth.

When it comes to the government and the California State Legislature, the city of Yucaipa is in the 23rd Senate District and in the US House of Representatives takes place in California’s 36th congressional district.

Education, Amenities And More – Yucaipa Real Estate

There is a Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District, which is an official district that serves both cities with a variety of schools. The elementary schools in Yucaipa include Dunlap, Chapman Heights, Calimesa, Ridgeview, Valley, Wildwood, Inland Leaders Charter and the Competitive Edge Charter Academy. The middle school sector is represented by the Park View Middle School and the Mesa View Middle School based in Calimesa. When it comes to high school education, there is a Yucaipa High School and the Green Valley High School. The San Bernardino Community College District serves the Inland Empire area at Crafton Hills College, located in the city.

The city of Yucaipa has a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department as the highest form of public safety. This department also includes the nearby towns of Oak Glen, Forest Falls, Angeleus Oaks, Mountain Home Village and Mentone – all of which smaller towns. With a fire department known as Cal Fire serving every corner of the street, the public safety is not compromised at all.

The 2012 Downtown Revitalization In Yucaipa, California

The Yucaipa real estate is not the only industry that blossomed over the years, with tens of thousands of new inhabitants and official citizens. In fact, the city of Yucaipa answered this trend and adapted the city – revitalizing each corner of it.

The Downtown Revitalization in Yucaipa included boulevard improvements, banners, speakers, video cameras and hanging baskets, lighted bollards and a tweak of the entire infrastructure, wiring and power in the city. There has also been an uptown decorative Metal Archway as a project funded by the Redevelopment Agency. The city got a new shine after the Downtown Revitalization that happened in 2012, and has continued to attract more and more citizens each year. The Yucaipa real estate marketplace has arisen progressively with these trends, with hundreds of new and refurbished listings for sale.

Things To Do – Yucaipa Real Estate

The city of Yucaipa has a lot of exciting things to offer to every person, regardless of his age. The Yucaipa Regional Park is a great example for this – offering utmost fun to every family member. From swimming to waterslides, it is the ultimate hotspot for spending a hot day under the sun with the family.

The Riley’s Farm is another pillar of the culture in Yucaipa. This farm offers personal and individual tours offering breathtaking views of the nice scenery filled with apple orchads and a lot of other things.

There are many new and modern facilities in Yucaipa that also tailor to the needs of every citizen or tourist. Restaurants, cafes and shopping places can be found everywhere within the city. The plethora of sports activities and nature activities are also on the list when visiting or settling in Yucaipa.


At last, the Yucaipa real estate has seen a big increase – but is yet to experience a lot more. The beauty of this special city, its climate and geography is ideal for families and retirees interested in affordable Yucaipa properties for sale.

You can check out the variety of Yucaipa listings for sale and see if they match your needs and interests.