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Winchester Real Estate

The city of Winchester lies within the Perris Valley of Riverside County. There are many listings for sale in Winchester including luxury mansions, villas and apartments. The Winchester real estate market has been more and more popular each year, mostly because of the strategic location of this city and its closeness to the Mountain San Jacinto, the city of Hemet, the Moreno Valley etc. Most of all, buyers are looking to settle in Winchester due to the crowd present in Los Angeles. Fortunately, Winchester offers a lot when it comes to quiet and peace of mind.

The population is deceiving as the density in Winchester is reported as 357 people per square mile. With 827 households registered in the July 2015 research, the average family size in Winchester counts 4 people. This adds up to the fact that the Winchester real estate listings and properties are ideal for families looking for settling in a house unit tailored to their needs. However, much of Winchester lies within unincorporated Riverside County in the French Valley designated area. The 2010 United States Census[3] reported that French Valley had a population of 23,067. The population density was 2,116.7 people per square mile (817.3/kmĀ²).

Climate, Geography And History – Winchester, CA Real Estate
Founded in 1886, Winchester is one of the old towns in Riverside County, California – once named the Pleasant Valley. Named after the widow of Horace Winchester, Amy, Winchester is a place that has been largely rural over the years and a home to agriculture businesses.

When in business, The Winchester Cheese Company was a great example of agriculture – and was a company that had seen a rapid growth and success over the years with their cheeses reaching to the finest restaurants in the country. This has especially been a focus during the housing construction boom that happened in the early to mid 2000s. Also, this was the period when the real estate in Winchester started to grow, with listings for sale and affordable properties of all sizes and types.

However, the ‘housing bubble’ burst as it is known, started in year 2007 with a rapid growth in construction. This situation resulted in a housing market correction. This has also been a trend in the suburbs surrounding the Winchester – French Valley, Menifee, Murrieta, Sun City, Homeland and Romoland, as well as many more.

Winchester is one of the cities that rank in the upper quartile when it comes to the Diversity Index – compared with other cities, towns and Census Designated places in California. Stretching to a land area of 7,73 square miles in the Riverside County, Winchester is in the Pacific time zone (GMT -8). The altitude on which Winchester lies is 1,473 feet.

The climate in Winchester, CA is similar to the surrounding cities and is best known as Mediterranean climate, recognized by the warm summers and cool winters. With 11 inches of rain per year and no snow at all, Winchester represents the typical climate of Los Angeles however freshened by the breeze coming from the mountains and its altitude of 1,473 feet.

Income, Prices And Cost Of Living In Winchester, California
Because of the prices, Winchester, California is a hotspot for retirement and retirees looking for the best retirement real estate options in California. The population growth rates have been around 2% in terms of population, households, families and median household income. However, they are expected to grow in the period from 2015 to 2020, with around 3.6% average increase in all of the aspects mentioned above.

The commute options in Winchester include walking, biking and car transport. Since the city is small, each of these options is equal when it comes to commuting from and to school, work and other duties.

The livability standard present in Winchester, CA is 71 out of 100. The cost of living, housing and crime are all regulated well, and the weather has the priority when it comes to livability. The town is ranked as ‘very livable’ according to many standards, and best known for the sunny weather, the stable Winchester real estate and housing market, the low crime rates and the high income per capita.

Compared to California and USA in general where the livability score is 72, Winchester, CA ranks pretty well having in mind the same standards. Aside from that, the Cost of Living index in Winchester, CA is even 175 lower than in California and the crime is 12% lower than in California generally.

Although the median household income in Winchester, CA is 17% lower than California, the median home value is even 50% lower than California, making the Winchester real estate market blossom with amazing listings for sale. Also, the cost of living and prices are both quite lower than in California.

Activities, Amenities And Things To Do – Winchester, CA Real Estate
The town of Winchester has a lot of groceries, food and drink locations, restaurants, coffee shops, parks and entertainment amenities. There is also a public transit line and an elementary school – the Winchester Elementary School. The middle and high schools can be easily reached in the nearby city of Hemet.

The Mountain San Jacinto and the Lake Skinner also offer a lot of nature activities including hiking, walking and camping. The town of Winchester is also known for its Straight Off the Vine Wine Tours which can be a great way to explore the area and the potential of the land. The Winchester Inn is one of the most famous restaurants in Winchester, CA and a hotspot of the locals in that area.

A Final Word
The Winchester, CA real estate marketplace is on the rise, with many people considering this town ideal for retirement but also peace of mind and quiet living. There are a lot of listings and properties for sale in Winchester which are affordable and can tailor to any budget.