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    City Of Torrance Mission Statement
    The mission of the City of Torrance is to encourage and respond to community participation as we provide for an attractive, clean, safe, secure and enriching environment that assures a high quality of life.
    We evaluate and act on the needs of the community within a complex, changing environment. We provide quality service with integrity, professionalism and accountability in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

    Area and Location:
    Torrance covers roughly 21 square miles (12,312 acres) and is situated in south western Los Angeles County, bounded by the Pacific Ocean on the west. Torrance has 1.5 miles of lifeguard-patrolled beach, bath-house facilities and public parking. It also has 550 miles of sidewalks.

    Incorporated in 1921, the population of Torrance is 146,860 with a peak daytime population that grows to 250,000 or more. Torrance is the eighth largest city in Los Angeles County and the 33rd largest city in California.

    Torrance enjoys a pleasant year-round climate with warm temperatures, sea breezes, low humidity and an average rainfall of 12.55 inches per year. The City has 90,000 street trees.

    Full-time City Employees:
    The City has 1,480 employees working in 13 departments.

    Public Safety:
    The City of Torrance has a Class 1 rated Fire Department with 159 sworn fire employees and six fire stations. The Police Department includes 241 sworn police employees, one main police station, one police substation and three police community centers.

    Community Services:
    Torrance is proud to serve the community with a robust Public Library system that includes six libraries. The City also has 46 Park and Recreation facilities, offering a range of activities and amenities.

    Governing body:
    The City has Council/Manager form of government. The City Council is the elected body, which adopts legislation, sets policy, adjudicates issues and establishes the budget of the City. The City Manager administers policy set by the City Council and oversees day-to-day operations of the City.

    Elected positions include the seven-member City Council, the City Clerk and the City Treasurer. Both the City Clerk and City Treasurer also serve as full-time department heads.

    Appointed positions include the City Manager and City Attorney.

    Each elected official serves a four-year term. Mayor and Council members have term limits of two four-year terms and may run again after four years off of Council.

    City Clerk and City Treasurer do not have term limits.

    City Council meetings:
    The Torrance City Council meets every Tuesday in Council Chambers at City Hall, 3031 Torrance Boulevard, unless adjourned to another time or place.All regular business will commence no earlier than 7 p.m., unless otherwise publicly noticed. From time to time the City Council may convene at 5:30 p.m. for an Executive Session, a closed session authorized under the Ralph M. Brown Act.

    Residents can stay updated by attending City Council meetings on Tuesday evenings at the Council Chambers in City Hall (3031 Torrance Boulevard). Meetings also can be viewed live on CitiCABLE Channel 3 or any time on TorranceCA.Gov/ where meetings are streamed and archived.

    City Hall hours:
    Torrance City Hall operates on a 9/80 work schedule. This means City Hall is open 9 days over a two-week period, closed every other Friday. The hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, alternating with a closed Friday every other week. The City calendar shows closed Fridays, as well as holidays.