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    Redondo Beach Community Guide

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    The roots of Redondo Beach date back to 1542, when Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo discovered the beauty that the local Native Americans already knew. Despite the fact that the Redondo Beach real estate market was not developed until late 1800’s – the farming and ranching areas of Redondo saw some popularization after the city was officially incorporated on April 29, 1892.

    Nowadays, the city of Redondo Beach holds a lot of treasures and well-known places in its boundaries.  The Redondo Beach real estate market is also booming, with mansions, beach houses, condominiums and other properties for sale in Redondo. Some of the major attractions in the city include the popular and old-town Pier, the International Boardwalk, the Riviera Village, the comfortable ‘town within a town’, the beautiful King Harbor Marina and many other modern facilities.

    Geography And Lifestyle – Redondo Beach, CA Real Estate

    Redondo Beach belongs to the three Beach Cities within the Los Angeles County in California. According to the 2010 United States Census, the population in Redondo had 66.748 citizens, up from the 63,261 from the 2000 Census. This is a clear sign that the Redondo Beach real estate market is booming in the area, with a lot of listings for sale for both commercial and residential purposes.

    The city of Redondo Beach is located in the South Bay region of the greater LA area and has a quite unusual shape. Despite the shore on the South Redondo Beach, it includes an area on another strip inland from Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach (North Redondo Beach).

    The sandy beach in Redondo Beach is definitely the major attraction in the city. It attracts a lot of tourists but also a variety of sports enthusiasts every season, because of the nice, warm and sunny weather.

    The Redondo Beach real estate market includes a lot of listings for sale, stretching even more than the city’s original 6.2 square miles area. The neighborhoods include Redondo Breakwall, a well-known hotspot for surfers located in the South Bay. Additionally, Redondo Beach has a distinct division between its north and south sections with 190th, Anita and Herondo streets all forming the east-west boundary line of Redondo Beach.

    During the 1990s, the small business district which is near the pier and marina has been revived, mostly from the sale of beachwear and surfing accessories. Despite the global economic downfall in the 1970s and 1980s that struck Redondo Beach as well, the city overcame it and came back even better. Known for its ideal location, geography and climate – the Redondo Beach real estate market has blossomed, targeting many interested buyers for their dream vacation home or a new home near the shore.

    The Redondo Beach Real Estate Market, Households & More

    North Redondo is part of Redondo Beach and an entire community that is separated from the beachfront with Hermosa Beach an Manhattan Beach. This region is known for the industrial and commercial spaces that include the inland aerospace and engineering companies which are a part of Southern California’s long space legacy. However, North Redondo is primarily residential and offers a lot of modern facilities including the famous South Bay Galleria shopping center, the Artesia Boulevard, the Performing Arts Center as one of the South Bay greatest facilities, the Los Angeles Ballet, and an array of cultural and entertainment events.

    When it comes to households, the Redondo Beach real estate marketplace offers a lot of listings for sale based in the famous Redondo Beach neighborhoods. Despite the fact that many historic style homes have been demolished over the years, the Redondo Beach real estate market has replaced them with new modern houses. The local zoning allows every property which is within two or three blocks near the beach to be developed as a large and two to three unit luxury townhome. There are a lot of such listings for sale in Redondo Beach, California – which have been the ultimate single-family homes tailored to the needs of any family.

    The Hollywood Riviera region has a revitalized downtown area named ‘Riviera Village’. This is a modern facility that provides the locals and tourists in Redondo Beach a unique chance to shop, eat and commune in a quiet and hedonistic atmosphere. There are a lot of restaurants, boutiques and shops specialized in fashion but also many cafes and wine-tasting galleries.

    The Redondo Beach real estate hotspots are mostly based near the shore, but are also represented by the Marina, Harbor and Pier complexes. These properties for sale in Redondo Beach, CA are large and planned centers of activity and include touristy bars, small shops, gamer arcades and Korean seafood restaurants. The unique shape of the Redondo Beach Pier is definitely the greatest attraction in the city.

    Lifestyle, People And Things To Do – Redondo Beach, CA Real Estate

    The Redondo Beach lifestyle is a mix of many activities, people and neighborhoods. It combines the three different Beach Cities: Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach. Obviously, Redondo’s draw is the link between these three cities. It is also known as ‘The Gem Of The Continent’, as described in the Los Angeles Daily Herald in 1887.

    Surfing is a major sports activity in Redondo Beach, but also the entire South Bay lifestyle year-round. The winter storms make ideal waves, which are a true draw for every surfers. The wave heights can be as large as 17 feet in the winter. Beach volleyball is another popular sports activity in Redondo Beach. The lifestyle is based on sports and there are even professional tournaments organized every year by the national sports organizations.

    A Final Word

    With over 30,000 households, the Redondo Beach real estate market is definitely popular and on the rise. Obviously, there is a lot more to Redondo Beach than its sandy beaches and the meeting point with the Santa Monica Bay. Whether you are visiting Redondo Beach as a tourist or are planning to settle in this place, the city offers a plethora of activities and things to do here.

    You can check the Redondo Beach properties for sale that are tailored to every budget and are based in different locations including the oceanfront, near the Pier etc.