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Redlands Community Guide

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Redlands is a city in California with a population of 68,747 according to the 2010 United States Census. It is also one of the cities inhabited by citizens who want to move in a smaller town from a much bigger city. Hence, the Redlands real estate market has been growing – but that is not the best reason for it.

Generally, Redlands does feel like a small town. However, it is really more than that. Apart from being close to almost everything and having everything on reach unlike in a big city, it is a nice city where you can feel the urban atmosphere, but not the rush and other factors compared to Los Angeles and other major California cities.

The Redlands real estate market offers a lot of properties for sale including condos, apartments and houses. It is recommended and ideal for couples and families, and a city which is definitely special in its own way.

Geography, Climate And Households – Redlands, CA Real Estate

The climate in the city of Redlands is best referred to as Mediterranean. It is also known as dry-summer subtropical – in which the summers are dry and warm and the winters are mild.

The city of Redlands stretches on 36,4 square miles and had a population of 68,747 (2010 US Census). However, this number is definitely increased nowadays, because of the increased demand for affordable Redlands listings for sale and the fast-pace of the Redlands real estate market.

There were 24,764 households in Redlands in 2010. The population includes mostly people aged 25 to 64, combining around 52% of the population in total. The median age is 36.2 years. With 26,634 housing units and average density of 731.2 units per square mile, the Redlands real estate marketplace has seen growth in demand since the early 00s, when people started escaping the ‘big city rush’ and moving into small and cozy cities.

Education, Transportation & Economy – Redlands Real Estate

The city of Redlands is family friendly. A proof of that are the variety of education options. The Citrus Valley High School, the Cope Middle School, The Beatle Middle School, University of Redlands and a lot of other schools are based in Redlands. Also, there are a dozen of private education options for kids in Redlands.

The Interstate 10 bisects the city of Redlands, coming east from the city of Los Angeles. Also, there is a Redlands Municipal Airport as the general aviation airport in the city located on northeast. However, the LA/Ontario International Airport is very close on about 20 miles west and the Los Angeles International Airport also not far away, at only 70 miles west.

There is also a railroad line passing through Redlands – and a local bus system which serves the area of Redlands with regular buses, as well as local bus lines connecting Redlands to the other neighbor cities and towns.

The economy is also strong in Redlands. The city is a home to Esri, a major geographic information systems software company and a headquarters of the Five Ten Footwear brand. Other well-known businesses include La-Z Boy, Salton Inc., Gill Batteries, University of Redlands, ChurchWest Insurance Services etc.

Amenities, Museums And Historic Places – Redlands Real Estate Properties

The city of Redlands is known for the Victorian style in most of the structures. The Redlands real estate also features Victorian mansions and luxury properties for sale. Since a lot of houses have their roots set in the 1800s, the Redlands real estate market proves that it can combine the historic beauty with modern amenities.

When it comes to historic structures, the National Register of Historic Places in Redlands includes the AK Smiley Public Library, the Beverly Ranch, the Kimberly Crest, the Mill Creek Zanja, the Redlands Central Railway Company Car Barn, the US Post Office and a lot of other structures. Also, some of these structures are known as major California Historical Landmarks and have won many awards for their Victorian and Craftsman architecture styles. The Edwards Mansion, Morey Mansion, Kimberly Crest House and Gardens and others are some of the best examples.

There are a variety of museums in Redlands as well. The Redlands Historical Glass Museum, the Redlands Historical Museum, the San Bernardino County Museum and The Lincoln Shrine are one of the most remarkable museums in Redlands. Major theatre and music locations include The LifeHouse Theater, the Redlands Bowl, the Redlands Chamber Music Society – as well as the Shakespeare Festival, the Theatre Festival as the most well-known events in the city.

Things To Do In Redlands, California

Aside from the historic places and major attractions mentioned above, the city of Redlands, California is known for the variety of public parks. It owns and operates 14 parks all combining a stretch of over 143 acres. Brookside Park, Caroline Park, Crafton Park, Ford Park, Jennie Davis Park, Ed Hales Park, Prospect Park and Franklin Park are some of them – each sharing a unique story behind its name.

Nature lovers can explore the 10 city-approved trails within The Redlands Conservancy, including the Bluffs Trail, the Caroline Park Trail, the East Valley Corridor Bikeway, the Oak Ridge and Oakmont Trails etc. Ideal for hiking, biking and camping, there are a lot of trails based within the city limits.

Modern attractions are present in Redlands as well, aside from the real estate growth over the years. Citrus Plaza is one of the largest shopping centers which is on open air, followed by the Redlands Mall. The Hangar 24 craft brewery offers delicate tastes and tours, and the Pharaoh’s Adventure Park is reserved for non-stop fun offering a raceway, mini-golf, bumper cars, a water park and a lot more for people of all ages.

A Final Word

The Redlands real estate market is experiencing a rise over the past few years, similar to the other communities, cities and towns in the region. The Redlands community consists of friendly people – and lots of beautiful warm sunshine during the year.