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    Manhattan Beach Community Guide

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    Manhattan Beach

    Manhattan Beach is one of the coastal pearls in California. Located in southwestern Los Angeles County, it lies on the Pacific coast and is south of El Segundo and north of Hermosa Beach. The Manhattan Beach real estate has been on the rise over the past few years and specifically the last 2 decades. Being one of the three Beach Cities, Manhattan Beach has been one of the most desirable cities to call home or to have a beach house at.

    However, Manhattan Beach is not only a dream vacation paradise city. It actually is known for its excellent school system which includes the Mira Costa High School – a school that was ranked among the top 1% of high schools nationally.

    History, Geography And Households – Manhattan Beach, CA Real Estate

    The history of Manhattan Beach dates back to the 1800s in the times of the Scottish immigrants purchasing the lands near the California shore. Manhattan Beach was named after the developer Steward Merill’s home, the New York City borough of Manhattan. ‘Beach’ was added to the city name in 1927 at the behest of the postmaster.

    The Manhattan Beach real estate is popular because of the land. What was once sand dunes only, started with development in the early 1920s and 1930s. Geographic-wise, Manhattan Beach benefits from the fresh ocean breeze that always provides clean air, warm and sunny weather and pleasant temperatures. All of these factors make Manhattan beach a pleasant city to live in.

    The school system in Manhattan Beach has also been among the strongest sides of this city. According to Forbes Magazine, the Manhattan Beach Unified has been named the 6th best School District in the United States. Another report by Beach Reporter showed that the city of Manhattan Beach has the most educated residents with bachelor’s degree or higher – than any other LA suburb.

    Manhattan Beach is a home to many high profile individuals from the sports and entertainment industry. Also, the city has been included among the nation’s six best beaches in July 2014, according to the prestigious GQ Magazine. Stretching on a total area of 4.9 square miles, the Manhattan Beach real estate offers a lot of modern, prestigious and luxury listings for sale and/or rent.

    Real Estate In Manhattan Beach, California – Neighborhoods And Hotspots

    The city of Manhattan Beach has been divided into several distinct neighborhoods. Some of them include the “Sand Section”, “Hill Section”, “Tree Section”, “Gas Lamp Section”, “The Village”, “Manhattan Heights”, “The Knolls”(East Manhattan Beach), “Liberty Village”, “Poet’s Section” (Shelley, Tennyson, Longfellow, Keats), and “El Porto” (North Manhattan Beach).

    The “Hill Section” is one of the Manhattan Beach real estate hotspots – and has many high priced homes, luxury mansions and residences for sale – whether newly constructed or remodeled. The luxury real estate in Manhattan Beach has been on the rise in this place, mostly due to the breathtaking panoramic views on the ocean and city.

    The “Sand Section” neighborhood is also known for the quiet streets ideal for walks but also the oceanfront Manhattan Beach properties for sale – stretched along the bike path and walking lane of “The Strand” – which is one of the most expensive Manhattan Beach real estate areas, but also among the most expensive real estate per square foot United States location.

    The “Downtown” Manhattan Beach is considered to be the city’s heart, with many boulevards, streets and popular hotspots. Close to the Manhattan Beach Pier and Valley Drive, this area is full of Zagat rated casual fine dining restaurants, luxury fashion stores and specialty shopping boutiques. The pedestrian-friendly and mixed-use downtown center definitely adds up the atmosphere of the city.

    The North Manhattan Beach District is also a hotspot with many restaurants and shops. Also, this is one of the best commercial Manhattan Beach real estate areas – with more than 80 businesses covering the area from the 32nd Street to 45th Street. The Rosecrans Corridor, Sepulveda Corridor and Aviation Corridor are also among the most popular Manhattan Beach real estate neighborhoods, where most of the luxury hotels, restaurants, retail spaces and malls are located.

    Parks & Recreation – Manhattan Beach Real Estate, California

    Manhattan Beach, aside from its real estate – is known for the wide and sandy beaches. Also, it is a destination that attracts around 4 million visitors every year, both tourists and new citizens. According to CNN Money, Manhattan Beach has been named #1 on the list of ‘2011 Best Places For Rich And Single’ and is also known to be among the ‘Sexiest Cities’ in the US and worldwide.

    ‘The Pearl Of The South Bay’ is another name of Manhattan Beach. There are several public parks in the city, some of which with open-air restaurants, lakes, sports playground equipments, picnic tables and restrooms.

    Additionally, the ‘Green Belt’ or ‘Veteran’s Parkway’ is another area of the city which welcomes the pedestrians on a friendly walkway running to Valley Drive and Ardmore Avenue near the downtown Manhattan Beach – the real estate paradise. The 3 miles in length and wood-chip walkway is a popular trail for runners and dog-walkers.

    A Final Word

    Manhattan Beach is a well-known destination in the United States. It is one of the most popular beach getaway locations but also one of the most luxurious cities to live in. The Manhattan Beach real estate includes some of California’s best properties for sale, luxury mansions, residences and condominiums. Also, the commercial real estate in Manhattan Beach has been on the rise over the past decade, welcoming a lot of businesses and office headquarters.

    With a population of 35,135 and a population density of 8,914.7 people per square mile (in 2010), Manhattan Beach counted more than 14,000 households at that time. Today, it is a home to many more citizens and real estate properties. Undoubtedly, the Manhattan Beach real estate market is booming – and the ocean breeze, friendly (and good-looking) people, cozy and sunny weather all play a vital role in that.