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Lake Elsinore Real Estate

Take great sunny summer’s, southern hospitality, a community that is proud of their homes add a burgeoning economy then you have the makings of a great town known as Lake Elsinore, California. This town gets its name from the nearby lake. The motto of the city is “ Dream Extreme!” The climate and the lake are perfect for aerial sports like hand gliding and the lake itself is used for extreme water sports activities. The city of Lake Elsinore is just punctuated by spectacular scenery stretching from the surrounding Ortega Mountains to the Cleveland National Forest Lake Elsinore is Southern California’s best-kept secret.

Tourism is a big part of the economy in the city. People flock to the city to soak up the sun and to enjoy all the activities that the lake has to offer. There aren’t a lot of industries. The major employers are retail outlets and government departments. This suits people who live here fine. It used to be a haven for Hollywood types because it is so close by but still manages to give them a bit of privacy and anonymity.

If you want to take a break from being in nature and enjoying the many extreme sports options, there are other amenities you can try like Lake Elsinore Casino. You could also take a stroll downtown to the shopping district with over 100 retail stores or take a turn towards the historic part of the city to do some antiquing. There is a variety of dining options from quaint cafes to a sophisticated Italian restaurant, Mexican, Thai, and even vegan restaurants. Lake Elsinore’s residents are diverse and you can tell from the eclectic serving of entertainment. You can never be bored in Lake Elsinore.